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So . . . this is me,

Ever since I was tiny, I saw pictures in everything, from making shapes out of patterns in wallpaper to adding whole worlds to a reflection in a shiny vase.  Even the beautiful pictures in my childhood books inspired me to visually add to them as I looked on.  I love to take the things I see around me, mix them all up in my head and turn them into something new.

Having raised my own children and then worked with children, my imagination and creativity has always been allowed to flourish.  This has kept alive in me the ability to view the world through both young and old eyes which helps to keep life interesting and fresh.

My years at Dennis China Works, where I trained as a ceramics decorator, nurtured within me a fascination with colour and pattern which is reflected in many of my compositions.  I am drawn to shapes that flow and repeat with a rhythm all of their own, and an image that speaks to you from a distance and then still has more to say as you move closer.

Cheryl Lucas

I try to keep my work varied and interesting and I always relish a challenge.  So as well as selling the work I have already completed, which can be found in my shop, please feel free to contact me via this website as your commissions will be happily considered.

About Me

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