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"1 sheep, 2 sheep

saw a wall

but for them

it was too tall

3 sheep, 4 sheep

found a spring

and bounced much higher

than anything"

"7 sheep, 8 sheep,

9 and 10

went to sleep

in an old pig pen

When they woke

their feet were stuck

in piles of stinky

piggy muck"

1 Sheep, 2 Sheep popped into existence because I have always had a strange fascination with doodling sheep, not for any great reason, they are just fun to draw.  Couple this with the copious encouragement I have had from friends to invent rhymes for them and I suppose it was a foregone conclusion.  Anyway, primarily it's a children's book with a mixture of rhyme and numbers but is a fun little read for children and adults of all ages.

All books are available to buy from this website or from Amazon.

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